...sick...krank...iPunk vs. daveVT - das ist krank EP - RELEASE: JUNE 2nd 2008

Within 2 years of making his debut and establishing the very successfull brand iPunk Records (5th place at deejay.de top 10.000 salescharts ranking year 2007 next to electronic superacts like samim, john dahlbäck,....every iPunk release on 1 in weekly sales charts, superb int. dj support), iPunk (aka Johannes Reinthaler) has become one of the hottest new producers on the block, and he has remixed from the US based Julien-K and GB based The Delta Fiascos to the Virgin Tears from the Label Smoke and Mirrors. His trademark itchy glitchy banging electro has already won over many dancefloors.

Das ist Krank EP - iPunk Records - distributed by neuton.com

This time he teamed up with LA based Dave Ziebarth, who's been producing and djing under the virgin tears moniker for the past couple years. daveVT is one half of the mental electro house duo Virgin Tears, protege of Felix Da Housecat, and head of Smoke and Mirrors records. Yeah and these two glitchy peak time bombs are the first fruits of their labour. Remixes to follow!

First official voices on "das ist krank EP" - daveVT vs. iPunk - iPunk Records

AutoKratz (Kitsune) "Love it...Good ep. das ist krank is def getting played out"

Benjamin Bates "Oh lord, this is wicked ) Love the attitude and groove, but most of all the sudden changes in Das ist Krank. Straight into my bag, more stuff from these guys please

Mason "Das ist krank indeed. And a lot of fun"

Mr Cormac "Das ist krank is the shit.. great tune"

The Whip "Hey this is really nice keeps going all over the place?!"

RELEASE: JUNE 2nd 2008
vinyl distribution by neuton.com worldwide
mp3 distribution by beatport.com
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