..chart position 5 @ deejay.de

hell......yeah! what a great start into 2008.
iPunk Records on chart position 5 @ the 'top 10.000 sales charts ranking 2007' of the biggest online vinyl distributor www.deejay.de - you can´t believe it -
here is the link: www.deejay.de!
and yes - iPunk Records is in good company...

...only mega massive burner like samim - heater on get physical records or john dahlbäck on pickadoll records are better placed.
behind iPunk Records artists like alter ego, solid groove, trentemöller, david guetta, oxia (only to name a few of them) jostle for position.

what a promising start for this young label.

Keep your eyes open for iPunk stuff!
15.1.08 12:04

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