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AutoKratz (Kitsune) "Love it...Good ep. das ist krank is def getting played out"

Benjamin Bates "Oh lord, this is wicked - Love the attitude and groove, but most of all the sudden changes in Das ist Krank. Straight into my bag, more stuff from these guys please!"

Colin Peters (Manumission) "The best track from Smoke and Mirrors label, glitchy and switchy, I like das ist krank because it goes straight to the jugular"

David Soul (Radio Ceredigion/Funktion) "Total mind-melters!!! Das Ist Krank is off the scale!!! Love it!!!"

Hexadecimal (Spectrum) "The A side is quite nice not so keen on the B"

Lil Devious "Fave here is das ist krank. Big for me"

Mason "Das ist krank indeed. And a lot of fun"

Mr Cormac "Das ist krank is the shit.. great tune"

Mr No (Motor) "Well into das ist krank"

Riva Starr (Dirtybird/Front Room) "Das ist krank is my favourite!"

Sneaky (Supercharged) "Two wicked tracks. I'm loving the loose beats in both the tracks, it gives them such a groove. das ist krank is my pick of the 2. Strong stuff!"

The Whip "Hey this is really nice keeps going all over the place?!"

Zimbardo "Das ist krank is mint. Love that itchy glitchy style!"
5.6.08 13:03

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